Advantis has developed a flexible wind turbine blade (WTB) cutting system based on a mobile, either to be containerized in HQ 40” or mounted on trailer truck, a cutting portal containing automated diamond wire cutting system and blade feeding.

The Advantis blade cutting system utilized brazed diamond wire for cutting – the diamond wire cutting (DWC) technology has been used since 1960s and originates from various cutting applications within the stone and construction industries. The technology uses a wire embedded with diamond or sintered material(s) abrasives to cut through hard materials. The diamond wire is pulled taut and moved back and forth or in a continuous loop, allowing the abrasive diamonds to grind through the material.

The DWC technology is utilized today to effectively cut down WTB – state of the art is however generic systems that are not tailored for this task – leading to inefficient cutting, labour intensive work and increased down-time of the machinery.

The Advantis blade cutting system is customized equipment specifically designed to effectively and automatic cut WTB effectively lowering the down-time of machinery and lowering the cost of decommissioning the overall wind turbine.

The system is designed to be highly flexible and modularized to accommodate current and future WTB shapes and sizes – the wind turbine blade sections can be cut in almost any shape and size enabling different end-of-life routes.

To learn more about the Blade Cutter from Advantis A/S and our technologies check out our website or reach out to Peter Ejs Eltzholtz,, +45 9125 9117 . For more information about wind turbine blades in the decommissioning stage, check out our other technologies of EoLO HUBs here.