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Circular Wind Knowlegde Hub

On this platform you can gain knowledge on how to transition towards a circular wind industry

Whether you work in business, policy or academics; wheter you work on wind energy production, industrial recycling, composite manufacturing, turbine construction or decomissioning; this is the platform where you can find new partners, state of the art innovations and smart tools that will help you in your next steps in contributing to a 100% circular European wind industry.

The platform consists of three main components: a Matchmaking Tool, which you can use to find stakeholders in the European wind turbine recycling sector; a database with Recycling Technologies , to showcase the latest technological innovations in the circular wind industry; and an overview of Transition Support Tools , that will help you transition towards circular business models by sharing best practices, decission support tools, cost-benefit assessments and more.

This digital platform is part of EoLO-HUBs , a HORIZON project, funded by the European Union. The aim of EoLO-HUBS is to contribute to a 100% circular wind industry by developing new technologies for decommissioning and recycling wind turbine blades and by creating this knowledge hub, sharing the lessons and knowledge and by helping to create regional supply chains that focus on wind turbine recycling. EoLO-HUBS consists of 18 partners (NL, GB, DU, SP, FR, DE, IT) that work together on scientific research, technological innovation, building an open network and sharing information around Wind Turbine Blade (WTB) Recycling.

Circular Technologies

On this page you can find an overview of state of the art technologies and innovations regarding the recycling of wind turbine blades. Learn more about smart decommissioning by inspecting, cutting and shredding blades; recovering carbon and glass fibres through low carbon pyrolysis and green solvolysis; or enhancing recovered fiber material in order to make them suitable for re-use.


Recovering fibers from WTB composite material by smart and efficient pyrolosis.


Recovering fibers from WTB composite material by green chemistrh solvolysis

Processing of recycled material

Recovering fibers from WTB composite material by green chemistrh solvolysis

Transition Support Database

On this page you can find a variety of tools that can help you and your organization to transition towards circular business models. Here you can find frameworks that help you find challanges and opportunities for your context, tools that help you decide on the best next steps, cost benefit assessment tools and more.

Rules and regulations help shape our world. Behaviour and technologies that help shape the world to our liking will receive supportive policies such as subsidies. And behaviour and technologies that are not helping with this will receive discouraging policies such as bans.
The University of Leeds developed a decision-making framework for the preparation of regional business strategies for circular economy solutions for wind turbines. Here we give you a first insight into this framework, and will continue to update you on further developments during the EoLO HUBs project. The research will result in a final step-by-step guide for people in economic development and business who are interested in establishing a circular economy for the wind industry.
If we asked a little kid to draw up a landscape, we would probably spot them in there: turning wind turbines on green grass or in the blue sea. In the last decade the number of wind farms increased significantly, while one question remained rather unanswered: What to do with wind turbines after their end of life? What happens with those that must be decommissioned after 20-25 years of lifetime? Will this little kid draw the same picture in a few years’ time with still standing wind farms all over the place or can we find another solution for it?